I’m verbose. When I say something that I think is important, I use pounds of words. I frequently visit¬†Google+ and find their format to be a bit restrictive…who wants to scroll through one long post when lots of other people remain so brief? So I fired this up to give me a place to occasionally vent. I will occasionally link here from there.

My name is Joe. I’m a sixty-ish systems engineer living¬†Northeast Florida by way of Long Island. I’ve been married for a long time, I have one child and and I’m a giddy grandparent. I like a lot of stuff. I dislike some things. “Stupidity” is high on the latter list.

My topics will include harness racing, politics, music, film, television, harness racing, cigars, good beer, adventures with Amelia, family, culture, harness racing and harness racing.

I don’t have comments turned on here. Yet. I work in the web security field and I witness daily how blogs are spammed and poisoned with malware. I might set things up to mitigate that, but in the meantime, just read what I write and comment in your head. You can also leave comments to me on G+ when I post links to the content here.

I’m linking a file here for some testing purposes.

The site’s title was inspired by the jazz composition “So What” by Miles Davis. Miles was a “so what” kind of man, which I admire.

Thanks for visiting. See ya.